The Fundvis Features

Document & Mail Management

Upload your documents or templates in a safe environment with real time collaboration. Track document advancements and team members’ contributions to stay up to date.


Fundvis embeds the E-signature provider of your choice into the Platform workflows and enables you, your client's and your cooperation partners to sign all necessary documents effortless on the platform.

Audit Trail

Fundvis creates a real time report of all the activities by your internal and external users that are happening in each of your workflows. The Audit trail will enable you to trace all developments live or during the course of your workflows and can be provided as a compliance report to a supervising authority.

Process Creator

Duplicate or create your own digital workflows with our no-code frontend. Select the workflow from your Fundvis Process Database and duplicate it instantly with only 3 clicks.

Executive approvals

Document your executive approvals in a safe environment and create the related audit trails. Free up time of executives by allocating dedicated actions upfrontent your executive approvals in a safe.

Notifications and Alerts

Stay up-to-date with our notifications features and updates. Receive real- time and relevant alerts directly to your device, ensuring that you never miss out on important information. Customize your notification preferences to receive only the updates that matter most to you.

Digital Workflows

Digitalize your operational workflows and create your custom cooperative work environment. Add any relevant partner and stakeholder to your process management.

Process Overview

Get an instant oversight on your task level progress within your processes to see who is assigned to which task and what the progress status is.

User management and visibility

Data security and privacy are essential for the Fundvis solution, thats why we enable our clients to define the rights of every user on the platform. Our visibility feature permits our clients to show only the processes and tasks they want to display to the external parties. Dedicated Data rooms are always only accessible by the pre-defined users.

Central Communication

With chats, you can communicate with all your partners in Fund specific groups or in direct messaging, video or audio. We enable you to collect all relevant messages and save them in your details section.

Powerful automation engine

Fundvis enables you to simply transform every process into an automated flow! This can be done in our application using our amazing and intuitive frontend to guide you thru the process. Create rules and actions that automatically fulfill tasks and processes given certain conditions that you determine. We enable you to create your smart Fundvis Co-Pilote, executing Tasks for you.

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