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Setup and Manage all your workflows on one Platform

Fundvis is a Luxembourgish Fintech specialized on cross-company workflows for the setup and lifecycle management of Funds, Portfolios and other financial structures. We improve communication, coordination and cooperation between all stakeholders by centralizing all workflows on one platform managed by our client.

Examples of Fundvis Use Cases


  • Create your customized workflow to setup the structure your are looking for

  • Examples: RAIFs, SPVs, Portfolios

  • Cooperate directly with all counterparties in one intuitive platform

  • Keep the management oversight across all your operations

  • Benefit from a range of integrated features, E-signatures, Document management, Audit trails etc.


  • Create, duplicate and customize all repetitive workflows for you structure on the platform using our Process Database

  • Delegate Tasks and keep oversight on your operations

  • Smart and compliant data collection and usage across all Fields of the Lifecycle management

  • Examples: Investment processes, LP/Client terminals, Investor relations (capital calls, subscriptions agreements, distribution notices etc.)


  • Ensure the quality and highest standard of your Compliance workflows by creating a Process Database

  • Invite and track the contribution of Team members and counterparties within your workflows

  • Invite Auditors directly into the process you would like to share and exchange informations and share progress

  • Examples: Due Diligence Follow-ups, Sanction questionnaires, SFDR, DORA etc.

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